Monday, July 12, 2010

Thing 14 bonus!

Thanks for the offer of an incentive for finishing the 13 things! I prefer a LaBelle gift certificate.

Online Gaming

Well, I'm on thing 13. Online gaming. I am not a big fan of gaming, but do enjoy the occasional game of Freecell or Spider solitaire. I also like some of the Merriam Webster word games. Their games include Scrabble, word jumbles, crosswords, synonym games, spelling challenges, etc.

I also enjoy playing Hearts. Seems like I lose a lot when I first start, but get better quickly as the strategies come back to me.

Online game playing is nice as an occasional recreational activity. Most of the time I prefer outside activities, but it's nice to have something to occupy the brain on a rainy day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Google mapping fun

Of the exercises we have done so far, this is the most useful. I have used it many times before, including creating a map of the branches which is saved to my account and linked to the VML Driving Directions page (created in May 2009).

Anyway, on this trip I went from Mt. Pleasant to Belding, Mi, to the Gerald R. Ford airport. Along the way I stopped in Belding and walked south on Bridge street. I saw the St. Joseph Catholic Church where my parents were married in 1948. I also saw the Wesco Convenience store on the corner of Bridge street and M-44. This is the route I took 3 weeks ago to pick Leslie up at the G. R. Ford airport. I stopped in Belding to plant flowers in the cemetery and drove by the church on the way there.

I do find Google Maps and Satellite, as well as Google Earth very useful.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chat and IM

I have been using Windows Live Messenger for several years. I have chatted with many of the staff via Live Messenger. Today I helped Marilyn Sweeney setup her Windows Messenger account and we chatted using Meebo. It is now difficult to find the Windows Messenger option for signing up for a Live ID with an already existing email address ( but I was persistent and found it so that Marilyn didn't have to create yet another account. (How many free accounts do I have now and how much spam will I get as a result????)

I have combined my Facebook and Live Messenger chat in to the Meebo service.

Digital Downloads

I have downloaded many titles from Netlibrary eAudiobooks. For this exercise, I checked out "Don't Point that Thing at Me" but I can't download it because we are having technical issues with Netlibrary. Ebsco bought Netlibrary from OCLC and we have been having trouble with the downloads for the last 2 months. I have threatened to cancel our subscription unless they can figure out what is wrong with it in the next 1 or 2 weeks.

I can't wait for OverDrive books because I think their system of downloading is more robust.

FYI - you can also download Gutenberg ebooks to the Sony eReader.